Monday, December 05, 2011


Earlier in the year I was given an orchid.

Now, being about as competent at growing orchids as I would be hunting wilds pigs, I turned to the Oracle, Dr Google to see what he had to say in keeping orchids alive.

Apparently not much.

Hah! My specialty.

So I did exactly that and look what I woke up to yesterday morning.

Orchid flowers!
How cool are they ?

I have a whole new respect for orchids, not only are they a beautiful plant, but they're low maintenance.

I love a plant where doing very little can go a long way.


catherine said...

yep, they re very giving, orchids and ask for so little in return..unlike the bonsai I got as a present..wear out !! :)

laughykate said...

I just did a search on bonsai trees and this is what I got, 'Bonsai trees are graceful and beautiful, but can be intimidating to own. These trees have a reputation for being delicate and fussy'.

They sound like they're the supermodel of the plant world.

Give me an orchid any day.

Jo said...

Damn, mine just died.

laughykate said...

Damn!Maybe the cold got to it?