Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's nearly Christmas!

And before you could say, 'Could I have fries with that?' the year has knocked itself out and sprinted right to December. I won't bang on with lines like, 'Is it just me, or has the year gone really quickly?' cause I know that the older I get, the faster time flies and there's diddly squat I can do about that. 

It's been a big old year, far too much death for my liking (not that I have spoken about it here) but if everyone could stay alive, that would make me one happy camper. 

I haven't quite yet finished up for Christmas however, as I sold all social real estate this week, this is potentially going to be my last blog for the year.

And what better way to end it than with some pearlers from People of Walmart

First up we have some Japanese panda emos. Bless. 
As for our next fellow, I think Vegas has put out a Missing Persons Bulletin, they want him back!
And words escape me about this picture, I do want to whisper in her ear, 'Umm white is potentially not the most flattering colour when you don't have a tan..'
As for the snowed in convertible, I'm thinking that maybe the device that controls the roof broke. Either that, or it's stolen and been sitting there since October.
Thank you for coming and visiting during the year. And thank you, yet again, my lovely commenters. I hope you all have wonderful, SAFE, happy Christmases. 

And I'll be back in the new year!


catherine said...

and a happy, peaceful, laughy one to you too.. see you 2012 x

laughykate said...

Thank you Catherine! Back 'atcha!

Janie Jones said...

Happy Christmas, Laughykate!!!

Tinman said...

Happy Christmas, LK, and have a super New Year.

Tin x

laughykate said...

And I hope you both have (are having) fabulous holidays. Now, if only those earthquakes would get back in their packets....