Monday, January 30, 2012

Have you heard about the incredible jumping donkey?

Right then, today I have to share with you last night's dream. (They're not dull when they're your own, believe me). 

I dreamt that I was standing in a paddock - possibly part-paddock, part-orchard. Anyway, it felt like home. And suddenly a donkey came crashing through the branches of the tree (some sort of fruit tree I think) and landed with an almighty WHARR-RUMPH! on the ground. It would have winded the life out of the poor fella - he landed on his side.

And I looked over at the donkey and remembered it was a habit of his and I thought, 'When is he going to learn that he can't land on the top of the tree and think the branches will hold him?'

I just had to share that with you as my dream brain has yet again scared me. Where does it come from? Aliens must have planted it, cause I can't come up with this myself - surely?

Anyhou, I shall stop going on -'tis a gorgeous day in Auckland  and, even better, public holiday - what more could a girl ask for ? 
It's off to the beach, for me.
*Runs out of the room before objects start getting thrown in her direction.*


Jo said...

Niiiice beach!! Watch for sharks!

Did you watch Shrek recently?

Dream interpretation seems to feel donkeys are about work - being pushed or pulled, working too hard.

So, do you think you can fly but keep getting winded? Are you aiming too high? Are you working too hard? The flying thing isn't in any of the explanations I googled, of course :)

I saw one site that says donkeys are about sex, but I'm not gonna go there :)

laughykate said...

Hah! I can't be working too hard because I keep having holidays. I'm putting it down to the fact that, subconsciously, I want to have a mental pet donkey.