Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take Two.

So there I was last week asking you not to hate me while I bragged about how I managed to have beautiful weather on my holiday as well as grab an extra week away.

And then what does a girl do?

After three and a half days back at work takes herself off on a ‘pudding’ holiday.

Hello Wanaka.

You can hate me now. But you’d have to stand in line, my bank account is considering filing for divorce. 


catherine said...

you re kiddin me ..now i am jealous..well, have a beer for us poor sods here in the grey drizzle :)

laughykate said...

*Looks at her feet guiltily, then heads to the fridge.*

Tinman said...

You have beer too? *(Steps outside the door away from the the computer, yells "!*&4$$/!!*", walks calmly back to computer)*
Good for you, hope you enjoy it.

Janie Jones said...

It doesn't look like a real place, it is too perfect. I'll choose to believe you're putting us on like the year I "vacationed" to Reykjavik and then I won't have to be jealous.

laughykate said...

Tinman, *Looks at her feet one again guiltily..... then belches*.

Janie, not a word of a lie ! (Or photoshop!)