Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And finally !

And Happy New Year ! Granted, I am rather late to the 'Happy New Year' party, but when your boss asks if you want to take an extra week off, what's a girl to do?

I'll tell you what she does, she takes it, runs with it, and happily suspends reality for an extra week. Bliss.

Unfortunately the downside of all that blissful reality-suspension is that after two days back at the coal face, I'm a touch knackered and desperate to shut whoever invented the concept of work in a sound proof cupboard and throw away the key.

Oh well.

I've had a beautiful break and managed to be one of the jammy few who managed to fluke stunning weather for most of my time off (please don't hate me).

I caught up with some very dear friends who were out from the UK,(their nine year old is my godson and I have no idea why he calls me Princess Bonkers). My godson's mother is from NZ, and her family have holidayed in Arrowtown all her life. But after over fifteen years living in the UK she has decided that New Zealand is like the afterlife.

'Ya what?' Says I.

'It's like the afterlife!' Says she.

'Do I look like a ghost?'

'No, but if you want to go for a swim, we drive to Lake Hayes, we get a park and we go for a swim. It's stunning, it's clean.'

'And if we want a coffee, we drive to Arrowtown, get a park outside a great cafe and go and get a fantastic coffee. It's like the afterlife should be!'
I feel she has vaguely got a point. Not that I shall superglue myself to that point, otherwise people may think I'm a bit of a mental(and you lot in the cheap seats can keep your traps shut). However I now feel it is my duty to phone NZ Tourism and suggest a new slogan for their 2012 NZ marketing campaign. 

New Zealand - it's like the afterlife. 


Anonymous said...

Apropos of afterlife - did your friend know how close she was to Paradise?

It's only about 60 kms from Arrowtown.

laughykate said...

And hello Homepaddock! I'm sure she's familiar, she is from Dunedin, after all!

Jo said...

Ah, nice.

I read that people from Bali believe that the afterlife is like Bali, because they like Bali so much :)

I like this perspective.

happy New Year! Glad you had a good holiday - it does make going back that much harder though.

laughykate said...

And happy new year to you too, Jo. I hope it's a cracker one for you. (And you're right, it does make it harder to go back to work!)

catherine said...

welcome back..glad you had a nice one..we ve all been working away here..in the cold..for weeks now..feels like it should be Easter soon... :)

laughykate said...

Thank you Catherine! They now saying we're in for some serious summer now, which shall make being back at work even more wrong!

I hope you've kept warm and that it hasn't been too brutal.

XChequer said...

"New Zealand - it's like the afterlife. "


Janie Jones said...

Sounds like faultless logic in my book.

Tinman said...

It sounds like a great idea, though you might have more chance "NZ - it's like Heaven".

Glad you had a super break and it's great to have you back.

And no, I've no idea why your godson calls you Princess Bonkers.

laughykate said...

Thank you XChequer!

And Janie, I'm pleased you think so.

Tinman! Neither do I. Not. A. Clue.