Thursday, May 24, 2012

Out of the Blue.

So I got a text from my 74 (she says taking a punt at the age) year old uncle late yesterday afternoon. He and my aunt were in town and was I around?

'Oh yes!' I exclaimed,' Come around after work for a drink'.

Which they duly did and, armed with glasses of pinot noir and a bowl of olives, we nestle down.

About twenty minutes in I say, 'Anyway, aren't you two supposed to be going away somewhere this year?'   (They a couple of good travellers, those two).

'Yes, Russia. Tonight.'

I nearly choked on my olive stone.

'Katie', said my aunt, 'I do think that's the first time I've ever seen you speechless'.

I have to say, if there's ever a sentence that's going to stop you in your tracks, that's a reasonably good one  to do the job.


Jo said...

I can only wish for that sort of composure!!

laughykate said...

And I managed to contain keep the surprise-expletives in my head, as well !

Your cousin said...

Heh, I can just hear your inner expletives monologue. Some would pay good money to see you speechless.

I like that they are also going to a place that I have previously only known as an Ikea furniture design (Tromso) and the White Sea. Although I am a little concerned that it is called the White Sea because it's frozen solid (being somewhere close to the Arctic Circle), and that there will be Titanic-sinking icebergs involved.

laughykate said...

I hope your father has packed his blow torch!