Monday, May 07, 2012

This blog was brought you courtesy of Awkward Family Photos.

Just when you thought I'd headed underground, I thought I'd remind you that I am, in fact, alive and kicking with some Awkward Family Photos. The outstanding site that just keeps on giving. 

First up, the woman who could hide weapons in  her hair (along with the cat, some garden tools, the budgie and its cage). I'd love to know how much hair spray went into creating that sensation. I would just be hoping she didn't go near any naked flames.  
Next up, a contender for AFP's Awkward Engagement Photo Contest. Don't know about you, but I'm feeling uneasy.
 And lastly, the winners of said photo contest.
Can't for the life of me think why they won. 

*Feels very uneasy and as if she stumbled upon something she shouldn't have*


Tinman said...

The wife and daughter (son? who knows?)in the top picture are really rubbing the Dad's baldness in his face.

laughykate said...

Hah! I had never thought of that, Tinman. That's potentially some big passive, aggressive business going on there!

Janie Jones said...

You really need to start warning people to have the eye bleach handy if you are going to post photos like this.


laughykate said...

Oops, sorry about that, Janie!