Sunday, July 15, 2012


My brother Sunshine, Mrs Sunshine and the not-so-small Sunshines have just got back from a family holiday in Peru and Brazil. (Permission to feel a teensy bit jealous:granted). Check out one of the holiday snaps we are now being tortured with. 

Hello Machu Picchu.

He sent me an email last week and it included the phrase, 'off to Rio tomorrow.' Like my cousin (see two posts below) I almost was never going to talk to him again.

But that was never going to happen because the photos look just far too good and I'm just far too nosey.

P.S Can you believe what you're looking at is nearly six hundred years old? If only I could age that well.


Jo said...

Only 600? Really?

Tinman said...

Are you sure six hundred is what to meant to say?

I mean I'm nearly six hundred.

Though I don't live in Brazil.

laughykate said...

Actually Jo, I do it a disservice - it's actually only about 550.

Are you nearly 600 Tinman? Did you know Jesus? (Or was he before your time?)

Tinman said...

I am nearly 600 - that's why I say things like "what to meant to say".