Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Last Jaunt Down Memory Lane - well for this week, at least.

For the last few posts I have been banging on about my parent's wedding anniversary. One last post. 

Sine my father is gadget-mad he saw this party as a reason to justify buying a new scanner. Now we're not talking any old run-of-the-mill scanner, we're talking a highly specc'd type that comes with hot and cold folding gateposts and potentially the ability to hack into NASA (you didn't know those existed, did you? Think again).

Anyway, over the course of the last few months he reckons he's scanned in over seven hundred slides and photos. 

This photo is one of my absolute favourites. It's a shot of my mother at a polo match.  

Now, I just wonder who I have to kill to get my hands on those glasses.


Tinman said...

I'm not sure whether I'm more impressed by the sunglasses or by the casual "here's my mother at a polo match".
That crown in your self-portrait is real, isn't it?

laughykate said...

But of course, Tinman!

Janie Jones said...

Your mum looks fabulous! What a great picture.

laughykate said...

ISn't it great, Janie? I just love it.