Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wine Fairy

So last Friday we arrive home after a drink down the road to find a bottle of wine on the doorstep.

A Hawkes Bay chardonnay, if you will.

No note, no nothing, just a bottle of wine.

But what to do? (Drink it, obviously)

But what do the Karma Gods say on this? Do we now have to go and anonymously drop a bottle of wine on someone's doorstep so the chain is not broken?

I am not aware of what is protocol when the Wine Fairy visits.

Hell, I didn't even have to leave out a tooth. Does an expensive visit to the dentist count?



Stephen Stratford said...

It was me. You owe me. (Can't prove it wasn't, can you?)

laughykate said...

Bugger, completely set myself up for that one, didn't I?

Behind the Barr said...

I am loving the idea of wine fairies ....they are to be encouraged :)

laughykate said...

Annie, I so agree with you!