Saturday, October 27, 2012

Female Supervision Not Included.

The London Office has kindly sent me this series of photographs. They're filed under Men Who Lack Female Supervision. However I reckon #1 just looks like good old plain fun. (Gumboots may have been advisable, though).
I have to admit, when I first looked at this my initial reaction was, 'But what's wrong with that?' However this is coming from the woman who once got thrown out of a Tupperware party.
 The only thing I'm unsure about in the following shot is the choice of cap colour.
 Hmm, I'm hoping they managed to open the windows before they passed out from the fumes.
 Hey - Father Christmas is only human !
 'You wanna fly, lil' Lawnmower?'
So remember, all you budding hedge mowers, when you get to mowing the top of the hedge - always  think Safety First.

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