Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When Dreams Fly

I had a dream the other night that a friend of mine had acquired three baby grizzly bears. Naturally, off I went to visit them.

They were absolutely gorgeous but I did say to her, ‘Have you thought about when they grow up into great big grizzly bears? How are you going to look after them - and more importantly - save yourself from getting ripped limb from limb by them, when they turn into grumpy teenagers?'

‘Oh, that won’t be a problem – they won’t – they’re Bonsai Bears.’

Sometimes, just sometimes, I love my dream brain.


Jo said...

Bonsai Bears! Yes, you've invented everyone's perfect pet.

Janie Jones said...

Hmn. I'm not sure I'm sold on pet Bonsai Bears. Have you ever been bitten by a ferocious hamster? I assure you the smallness of the size seems to amplify the pain. And, that's just a hamster.

Still, Bonsai Bears does sound really cool. Your dreams are brilliant.

laughykate said...

I think they would be such fun, Jo!

And Janie, no I haven't been bitten by a hampster. What a terrifying thought....!