Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Move Over Bonsai Bears

In my second to last post I introduced you to the idea of Bonsai Bears.

Now I think I have just done to names what I have done to animals.

When naming your children I think people should consider becoming part of  a new and exciting  movement: Name Your Child Like a Haiku.

It works like this.

Say your last name is Bird. You have a daughter. You name her Catriona Drew Bird.

Shortened version?

Cat Drew Bird.

Voila! A multi tasking name - both name and haiku.

You have a boy? Your last name is Sun? Easy.

Name him Storm (yes, it's both genders, the Internet told me). Second name - Chase.

Storm Chase Sun.

Truly, I am beside myself with excitement on this one. And the possibilities are endless...

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