Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Well Received Recommendation

I got an email from someone who used to work on a show I produced at another production company. She's back in the country and is looking for work. I asked her to send me her CV and said that I would forward it on to the right person.

She did that and I forwarded it with the accompanying email.
Attached is Insert Name’s (from here on known as The Child) C.V.
Don’t believe a word of what she says, it’s all lies.
Having said that, I can’t recommend her highly enough. She worked on Insertnameofshow and stopped me plunging a knife into Insertnameofsomeone's neck. We’d have conversations like, ‘How are you feeling Kate?’
‘I want to cut myself.’
‘Would that be with a blunt or a sharp knife?’
And if I wanted either those knives, she would have provided them – as well as the first aid.
She’s great at co-ordinating, being in the field, got loads of initiative, knows computers inside side out, is a word Nazi with incredible eye for detail and most recently has been production managing at Anotherproductioncompay.
I’d love her in the office because then I could pick on her.
See whatcha think ! 
She has an interview on Friday.


Jo said...

Um, Kate? Can I have a recommendation letter from you?

Janie Jones said...

The Child does know of your curse to spontaneously create pregnancy amongst co workers, doesn't she?

laughykate said...

With pleasure -tell me where to send it, and I'm writing it ?

Crikey Janie, you have a good point...she is about to get married.....