Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Call Me the Fertility Fairy.

At the company I work at I am now up to my sixth show I am producing for them.

I would just like to point out that every single one of my production managers has announced they have fallen pregnant while on my shows.

The latest being today.

Sadly I can no longer claim that I've upped my marriage-followed-by-a-baby score (four) but, let's face it, that would start to be a little bit Twilight Zone.

However I'm saying I thought I was doing well at four....but six?

People in the office are now refusing to work for me...


Janie Jones said...

Wow! That is a coincidence.

Be glad your not a man, you'd really be getting some looks.

Jo said...

Time to start hiring yourself out :)

I love Janie's comment!

Stephanie said...

Break the jinx - appoint a man to the job!

laughykate said...

You're so right, Janie!

Jo - I should stick it on my CV.

Stephanie - it's a very good point.