Friday, July 18, 2008

The rumblings cried, 'you've eaten too much Kentucky Fried....for dinnnnnnnnnnnner!'

Oh I have been trying to make this work, but it won't, instead you'll have to go here to check this out.

Okay so let's think about what went on in the creative at the ad agency.

'How bout this for an idea? The Colonel is going to love it. Two fat kids in the back of a car, right? And they're really hungry, right?'

So, effectively the message is, if you eat lots of Kentucky Fried you'll turn into a fat cartoon character and live in a world of dancing animals?

Initially, I scoffed at the concept in all my 2008-haughtiness but when I thought about the idea, I thought- how bad can that be?

Cause I reckon those bopping animals are cool, especially at the very end.

Bring on the KFC.


Medbh said...

Those children are hideous, LK. Their chicken is shite.
You're right, the dancing animals are fairly appealing.

laughykate said...

They're kind of cool. I was so surprised when a guy in our office had no idea whatI was talking about when I started sing (read: butcher) the jingle and immitate the dancing sheep. But then, I realised that he is in his twenties.