Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's photos.

It's rubbish day today.

Really pleased I'm not a rubbish collector, it'd be a really stinky job and I'd be really useless at it.

And on that note I am going to leave you with pictures of one of my very favourite beaches in the world. It's north of Gisborne. Miles from anywhere and it's about as back to basics as you can get, no running water, you have to dig your dunny ('you' meaning 'the other people I stay there with', cause lets be honest, if digging the dunny was left up to me there'd a be a long queue of busting people.)
We first started going at when I was university, we all used to either hitch, bus, or pray that our old cars would last the schelp to get there. We also swore that it would be where we were going to see the Millennium in (when Millennium seemed a really long time away) and, when it rocked round, true to most people's word, there was a bunch of us gathered from over five countries, one lot of people opting to arrive by helicopter instead of a car.
The day's activities generally include swimming, fishing, eating, drinking and taking the piss out of each other. (Like the guys who arrived in the helicopter. Or the guy who turned up to a place with no power with a microwave pizza. For years after that we were so merciless in our piss-taking of him that for the Millennium he turned up with a power generator and a microwave)

I do think this is the only place that when, on being offered more crayfish, I have said, 'Please go away, because if I eat anymore I think I am going to vomit.'


savannah said...

what a life and what a great story! especially the guy who brought the generator AND microwave oven! xoxo

(damn, still thursday here and i FORGOT to pull the trash/rubbish bin out to the curb this morning!)

laughykate said...

You should have seen how incredibly chuffed when he pulled up with said goods! SO proud of himself!