Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I like this.

This ad went up when Murder Burger in Ponsonby Road, Auckland were looking for staff a month or so ago. If you don't have an industrial strength magnifying glass beside you and want to read it, click the image. My particular favourite paragraphs are the ones talking about the people who they don't think should apply for the job.
'The sorts of people who we don't think would be good for us.
Political students. Nothing personal, we just don't understand you.
P. Addicts. Again, nothing personal, it's just that the benefit of being able to work seven shifts in a row is pretty much outweighed by the probability that one day you will flip, grab a knife, and become Mr Stabby.'
The staff wear t-shirts that say 'Meat is Murder'. Needless to say, they are not a vegetarian burger outfit.

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