Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why ?

I am not for the death penalty, but in the case of Nia Glassie , I think a bullet to the brain would be far too humane a punishment for those responsible for her death.

This three year old died as a result of injuries after basically what was a life of horrific abuse that allegedly included being shut in a clothes dryer for up to twenty minutes and hung from a washing line until she fell off, while the adults sat around and laughed.

Two brothers -21 and 18- are being charged with her murder and a 17 year old and a 19 year old are charged with manslaughter. They are also facing separate charges of abusing two other children. Nia's 35 year old mother faces two counts of manslaughter, the first for failing to provide medical treatment and the second for failing to protect her from violence.

Her grandfather has also been separately charged with assaulting and injuring Nia.
The court case is running at the moment and yesterday a witness told the court he saw a young girl being thrown on to a clothesline in an "overarm cricket throw" by one of the accused. Another witness told how he saw her being "slam dunked" on the ground.
Today a neighbour told the court that she would hear lots of "loud, abusive" screaming coming from the house where Nia lived in and sometimes the little girl would come and sit on her doorstep. On the occasions that she gave her food, she would take it and run away without saying anything.
I don't care what people say about rehabilitation, I fail to see the point on spending a cent on trying to rehabilitate these people. Strip them of every human right they have, give them a life of brutally hard labour in solitary confinement, do not let them have any contact with their family, oh and pop them in a commercial sized dryer until their heads start to bleed and they cry out for mercy, to give them a taste of their own actions.

Update: An email from my cousin in Australia regarding this post, she suggested slowly cooking them in oil as an appropriate punishment. I'm liking the cut of her jib.


tinman18 said...

I commented on this yesterday, but blogger went all funny, telling me I'd already posted, so I didn't want to send it again in case I looked mad.

I'm just satggered and heart-broken about this story. I'm also amazed that there's been absolutely no coverage of it on this side of the world.

tinman18 said...

And sattgered is a word. It's like staggered, but even the spelling is staggered.

laughykate said...

Sounds like blogger is being an arse at the moment.

It beggars belief, doesn't it Mr Tin? Too awful for words.

Anonymous said...

i'm against the death penalty for only one reason: i believe it is too good for these types.

i do think, however, that these types should not ever get to live in prison under segregated circumstances. they should be at the mercy of others just like their victim.