Sunday, March 28, 2010

Donald Trump is starting to feel nervous.

This is a rock my six year old niece gave me at Christmas. It was part of her collection that she had painted and I have to admit to having another heart-exploding-with-joy moment when she chose this one for me.

'Wow, that's beautiful, Six Year Old!'

She beamed.

'What are you going to do with the rest?'

'I'm going to thell them.'

'That's my girl', I think, 'showing a killer business instinct at six. Loving it.'

'I'm going to thell them - for free!'

Crap. I am vaguely suspicious that my genes could be somewhat responsible for that.


Fat Sparrow said...

Oh, that is so sweet!

Now that the Nestling has discovered that it takes money to buy things, it's been a balancing act between pure avariciousness and generosity, on his part. It's good to see that your niece seems to have sussed it out.

laughykate said...

But what a lovely time of his life - discovering that it takes money to buy things!

Fat Sparrow said...

Yes, concurrently with finding out that carries several of the discontinued "Transformers: Animated" toys that he would happily sell both of his parents to the Devil for. Once he finds out how to harvest us for our organs, it'll be all over.