Sunday, March 07, 2010


My sister and her seven and five year old have been staying with me this weekend

Sitting around the table eating hot cross buns (yes, I know it's early, but the hot cross buns seduced us into buying them) and I was asking my nieces whether they should be called hot cross buns when they were cold. And of course the conversation went on to discussing the merit of calling them cold angry buns, and should we assume that they were angry when they were cold, or not.

And then the five year old pointed at herself and said, 'Child,' pointed at me and said, 'adult', her sister, 'child' and then her mother, 'real adult'.

I said, 'What? Am I not a real adult?'

'No, you're a PWRINCETH!'

Let me count the ways I love my nieces.


Anonymous said...

It's never too early for hot cross buns. And they should be hot cross buns even when they're cold, coz just cross buns sounds silly.

And we all knew you're a pwrinceth, we've seen your picture.

laughykate said...

Yeah, 'Let's go get some angry buns' doesn't work for me, either.

Medbh said...

The dotes.

laughykate said...

They do make me crinkle up inside, Medbh.

Jo said...

I haven't seen your picture, pwincess!

I think the hot refers to the spiciness, maybe :) But maybe not.

laughykate said...

Jo, Tinman is referring to my pink self portrait to the right, avec crown!