Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If she looks like a hippo, then I'm a giraffe.

A friend of mine at work is pregnant. She looks fantastic and dresses really well to her pregnancy.

She, however, does not think so.

'Oh, I look like a hippo!' (She doesn't).

'No you don't', says I, 'I think you look fantastic. I can't decide whether you look more like a Sellotape dispenser or a snail'.

She laughed and squealed simultaneously, but I reckon if she had a Sellotape dispenser within reach, she would have hurled it at me.

For some reason she didn't see my compliment in my compliment.


Jo said...

Some people just get a lovely bump, and nothing hippo like about them at all. They're so impressive!

laughykate said...

Yup, she's one of them!

paysan said...

You could have said she looks like a latin symbol - รพ...