Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Should be a blast.

Right then.

Tomorrow morning am off to seek out avalanches - or rather - set off avalanches.

Should be back Sunday - if I'm not - you'll know it's all gone horribly wrong (and please alert the authorities).

Heh. I just thought of what would be said.

'Excuse me Officer, but a New Zealand blogger has gone missing.'

'Could you please describe this person to me?'

'I believe she's rather short with a very short attention span.'

'Uh huh. Anything else?'

'She's pink. And has a flower on her dress.'

'So she is wearing a dress?'

'Yes, a triangle shaped dress.'


'And she has four fingers on each hand - and a crown.'

'Uh huuuuuh'.

'And unruly hair.'

'And the last time she was seen?'

'Oh, cyberspace.'

'Of course she was.Anything else you'd like to add?'

'Her grammar is horrendous, there are always typos - don't get me started on her apostrophes.'

'And you would like us to look for this woman?'

'Well, actually there is also a high probability that she isn't actually a short yappy type living in New Zealand as she claims, she could very easily be a fifty year old Scout Master living in the Yukon, I'm not sure, but that is who she claims she is. Anyway she's just gone missing.

'Oh well, that narrows it down.'

'Have there been any avalanches in New Zealand?'

'Couldn't say.'

'But could you help?'

'Her, mmm I'm thinking no, however your concern is rather sweet and I think we can help you. Do you see these people coming your way dressed in white coats? Don't you worry about a thing. Everything is going to be allllllright...'


Anonymous said...

Don't wear that dress Kate, it's (wait for it) too loud.


Avalanches, BTW? As in snow? Call that a spring?

Hav fun.

laughykate said...

Heh, nice advice Mr Tin.

Yup avalanches, yup snow and yup as in blasts (of the sonic boom variety to set them off), very cool (if not a little scary).