Monday, September 01, 2008

Swords are the new black.

I got told today, 'Kate, you're looking very swashbuckling.'

And it got me thinking about swords - they'd be one hell of an accessory, wouldn't they?


Anonymous said...


Found you from Twenty's blog, if you're wondering :)

You just reminded me of the scene in Never Been Kissed where they're taking bets on whether the kid will damage himself with the sword by the end of the night.

I'm very envious of the ability to look swashbuckling, it sounds eminently cool :)

laughykate said...

Hiya Sinead

I just love the theatre of the word - swashbuckling - it's very cool.

Imagine if the art of swashbuckling was taught in schools? 'This afternoon I have english, geography and swashbuckling.'

Okay, I'll stop now.

surfergirl said...

Kate, you're in TV - you could TOTALLY get away with a sword...or even a cute wee dagger.

laughykate said...

OH I wish ! Unfortunately we have to remember this is me we're talking about and chances are far too great that my sword (or cute wee dagger) would end up firmly planted in my foot.

Medbh said...

The women in "Kill Bill" looked fabulous with their swords. But for me, I would just feel graceless and awkward with one.

laughykate said...

My graceless and awkward bit would come in to play when I am in the doctor's surgery!

Anonymous said...

I think swords were fine till cars came along.

Girls have enough trouble getting out of a car in a skirt with their dignity intact without having a sword strapped to them as well.

laughykate said...

So much easier to slide off a horse with a sword.