Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apologies for the animal week.

I reckon whoever invented this animal was on some seriously good drugs at the time.

Either that, or the animal is on something rather synthetic and strong.
More evidence here.

Now, could someone tell me what that critter actually is ?


AJB said...

It's a tarsier (Tarsius spp) a sort of proto-monkey from Asia (the Phillipines for example).

laughykate said...

Thank you AJB! My Google search of 'small animal with huge scary eyes' didn't reveal that.

Anonymous said...


I'd leave a comment, but I can't breathe or see from the tears rolling down my face for laughing.

laughykate said...

HIya Janie! They're crazy, huh?

Jo said...


Funny, I too was recen;ty Youtubing dramatic animals. Hours of entertainment.