Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Guns and koalas.

Here's Frodo, the joey koala from Queensland who has been shot fifteen times by some heartless fecker.

There is so much support out there for the wee fella, that he even has his own fundraising page Everyday Hero - $150 and rising if you care to throw some dollars in his direction.

But I have a question. Does he get so much attention because baby koalas are impossibly cute? Would people care so much if he was a shot lamb? A shot rat ? A shot baby giraffe ? (Yes, I believe a shot baby giraffe would also have his own fundraising fan club.)

I suppose baby-anything has heartstrings pulling power, however I'm vaguely suspicious that baby koala does tend to be one of the rock stars in the cute-animal stakes.


injaynesworld said...

Aw, that just breaks my heart. I hope some finds and shoots the bastards that did this. :(

laughykate said...

Hiya Jayne! And if they don't shoot them, they're facing two years behind bars or a 200k fine.

Jo said...

Yup yup. It is because they're cute, but also fairly special. And they seem to have a hard time. They seem quite defenseless too. A sad wee story.

But yeah, it's not like you don't get million hideous animal cruelty stories if you scratch the surface just a tiny bit. As I just read the other day, we shouldn't be asking can they reason or can they talk, but can they suffer. That is the relevant question.

Jo said...

On a cheerier note, that's some 'I'll get you, you fuckers' expression he's wearing!

laughykate said...

But isn't it, Jo ?! And he's still hanging in there!

laughykate said...
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