Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Just another day at the office.

Today I spent the afternoon out with the police.

Lights, sirens, catching bad guys, accidents, going really fast to get to accidents and one loon.

It was sensationally cool.

The end.


Sp8y said...

I totally get that! The adrenaline, the unknown ahead, the SPEED. But. It's ok for a day or a night. How would you do that every day for a job?

You should see if you can spend some time at the comms centre too, to see/hear the other end of the radio. Do you get to have a wee trip in the Eagle?

laughykate said...

Didn't go in the Eagle but have seen the new ATOMS centre (where they look at a bank of screens consisting of all the motorway cameras). Far too cool.

Sp8y said...

Did you go cross-eyed with all those screens? After about 30 mins of just being in the same room as 20-30 tv screens (not watching them all the time), I was feeling vaguely nauseous.

Mind you, being in the tv business, maybe your brain can cope with 17 different moving pictures without exploding?

laughykate said...

One of the police told me that they've been banned from turning all the screens into one giant screen and watching the rugby !