Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I kid you, not. UPDATED!

Due to my complete inability to say no, I have found myself working seven days a week for, pretty much, an eight week stretch - give or take the odd day off.

I would like a cup of tea and a lie down however, on the upside, I am learning a whole lot of stuff across a diverse range of subjects. Some of it more practical than others.

Things like; if you want good veggies - start with good soil, don't plant your Nicotiana flowers beside your tomatoes, beagles are escape artists and, if you don't want to get your car stolen in Auckland, avoid buying a Subaru.

I had heard that last chestnut of advice from the police...and then life just went ahead and reinforced it.

Yesterday morning a woman I work with woke up to discover their car had been stolen, right outside their bedroom window. Their alarmed and locked car, no less.

Even more strange was that, few hours later, stuff from their car was discovered in another stolen, abandoned car. ( I think the moral of this story is, don't try and understand the minds of criminals).

My colleague and her partner were understandably a bit gutted; they don't have the time to get their car stolen, they've got a small child, they need two cars as they both work in different directions, it's nearly Christmas and they're about to get married.

So there was delight this afternoon when the police rang to say they had found their car. And it was in one piece. Joy! Immediately her partner left work to get to go and pick it up.

But it wasn't going to end as happily ever after as they'd hoped. An hour later she got a call from her partner, he'd turned up to where their car had been found...only to discover that it had been stolen a second time.

And yes, it was a Subaru.

UPDATE: Last night my colleague's partner was driving around their suburb, SPOTTED their stolen car driving and, a police helicopter and dog chase later, their stolen car is now recovered!

Now that's a story you can't make up.


Countess said...

Wow that is an exciting story. Well exciting to me perhaps not so exciting for your friends.

Why can't I plant nicotiana flowers beside tomatoes?

laughykate said...

Ohh, now there's a really interesting reason that I sort of forget. At the time I heard I thought, 'Now that's interesting.' But it's got something to do with the bugs that the nicotiana plants attract that aren't good for the tomatoes.