Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another burning question from a rather small mind.

Remembering stuff. Some people have a head for numbers (not me), faces AND names (I'll generally always be able to retrieve the face but the name tends to run in the other direction), stuff from their childhood, school years, university (me, me, me. I am good at that game. To the exasperation of my friends, 'How can you remember that shit?')

I have a friend who is a production manager who can remember other people's credit card and air points numbers, which I find remarkable - I consider it a good day when I can find my credit card.

And then there's birthdays.

This is where my brain really perplexes me. I am generally pretty good at remembering birthdays from August through to April but, if your birthday falls anywhere in May, June or July, you can be confident I will forget it.

(Having said that, I did miss my godson in London's birthday in December but, in my defence your honour, I put that down to working seven days a week and simply not having enough room in my head. I emailed him and told him he was just going to have two birthdays this year. His new birthday is February 21st).

But I cannot think of one birthday in either May, June or July.

So that's a wee sample of things I forget, (I won't unleash the whole Pandora's Box on you).

Now, over to you lot. What things are you really good at remembering, or not ?


Phil said...

Always forgetting:
Car keys, glasses, wallet, day of The Week

Mwa said...

I'm very good at remembering pointless theory, grammar, factoids. I am awful at remembering faces, names, birthdays, and anything practical. Bummer.

Jo said...

The thing I am BEST at is remembering all the hideous, shameful fuckups I've made and ways in which I made bad decisions or was wrong or stupid. I remember those all the time, all the way back through my life.

I'm also good at conversations from decades ago in the same way, though I seem to have blocked one particularly good reind from my memory in some way - she's always remembering things I don't, or I do and I just don't remember her being there!

I'm pretty good with names AND faces, thankfully. Though, this mid thirties thing is affecting me.

I forget birthdays, appointments, plans, dates, numbers, I leave things behind, I lose things.

I'm a somewhat useless human being, really.

laughykate said...

Phil, I think the worst one amongst those must be car keys. It always amazes me how something so little can have such a powerful influence over your life. They have the ability to really screw your day.

But Mwa, you'd be great to sit next to at a dinner party.

Oh Jo, you're not a useless human, you're just human!

'I forget birthdays, appointments, plans, dates, numbers.' And at least pen and paper has been invented so you don't have to rely on your memory !

Janie Jones said...

I am very careful to always write up a grocery list so I won't forget anything, then I promptly forget the list!

Luckily the exercise of writing the list seems to make the items needed stick in my head, but heaven forbid I forget to write the item on the list.

As in yesterday, I sat down to make my list in preparation to go shopping and thought, "I can't forget I need salad croutons, Wheatable Snack Crackers and Sharpie markers for school." Items I'd been wanting all week and was eagerly awaiting for the weekend to arrive to have time to go out for them. Unfortunately, I neglected to write them down, and sure enough, I forgot them all.

laughykate said...

Whenever I write a list, inevitably it NEVER makes it to the supermarket.

Sp8y said...

LK I don't seriously believe that you've ever written a list. Not seriously. And I know about lists. You should see how many I had in action for our recently completed holiday. And Outlook is just an uber-list for names and numbers...

laughykate said...

Oh alright, you know me too well.