Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I think I will call this 'The Summer Series'.

More from my Christmas book (two posts ago).

Heather Locklear on marriage:

'The less jewellery the better the marriage.'

Robert De Niro's son on September 11:

'It was like watching the moon fall.'

And I like what Rodney Dangerfield has to say here about women:

'I can't figure women out. They put on makeup for three hours. They wear things that make them look smaller. Things that make them look bigger. Then they meet a man and want the truth.'

I also like this from him:

'When you walk up five flights of stairs at four in the morning, there's definitely a hooker involved.'


Countess said...

I'm not sure we run as deep as Rodney gives us credit for. :)....and yep its amazing what one will do for a shag.

laughykate said...

I think he's talking about certain breed of women. I can categorically say I've never spent three hours putting my slap on.