Monday, January 24, 2011

Conversation with my Mother.

My mother (The Fruitcake):

'I was going to go to Iran this year but I'm off them because they won't return my emails. So I think I will buy a sculpture instead.'

When I lay my eyes on that sculpture I am going to give it a great big hug.


Your sister said...

As the person who suggested the Iran trip, I think it would have been really interesting (and not in the Chinese way). Still, if they don't return her emails, they don't know what company they're missing. Who else (with all her marbles) could get lost at breakfast in a hotel in Uzbekistan?

laughykate said...

My sister ! This is what Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to say about Iran.

'There is some risk to your security elsewhere in Iran due to the threat from terrorism and civil unrest and we advise caution'.

Call me a prude, but I'm loving that sculpture.

Anonymous said...

My Mother-in-law (another fruitcake, by the way) and her bridge mates go to Tunisia every spring. Right now they're still planning to go, on the basis that no tourist have been shot at yet.

laughykate said...

I'm loving their logic!