Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ten bucks says Clint doesn't pad his playground.

For Christmas I got an amazing book called 'The Meaning of Life'. It's a compilation of Esquire Magazine's 'What I've Learned' column. It's where (and I'm virtually plagarising here) people celebrated in their field sit down and share their life's wisdom.

So there's nuggets of advice about life from the likes of Robert de Niro, to John Malkovich to Gore Vidal, to a pioneering heart surgeon right through to Joan Rivers. I just love it. I've been doing my best not to hoover it up in one session, instead trying to (act like an adult and not a child in a lolly shop) and treat it more like a degustation menu.

I shall share a series of the best quotes I find.

First up Clint Eastwood. He was actually quoting Jerry Fielding (an American radio, record, film and television composer, conductor and musical director-no, neither did I), 'We've come this far, let's not ruin it by thinking'.

I think that is just gold.

Another piece of thinking of Clint's that I'm partial to, 'I remember going to a huge waterfall on a glacier in Iceland. People were there on a rock-platform overlook to see it. They had their kids. There was a place that wasn't sealed off, but it had a cable that stopped anybody from going past a certain point. I said to myself, "You know, in the States they'd have that hurricane-fenced off," because they're afraid somebody's gunna fall and some lawyer's going to appear. The mentality was like it was in America the old days:if you fall you're stupid.'

Clint made my day.


Holemaster said...

"Pants first, then shoes" - Gary Larson.

I find that one invaluable.

laughykate said...

Happy new year, Holemaster ! I like this cut of his jib.

Jo said...

Hey, Kate! Book sounds good.

laughykate said...

Hi Jo ! And happy new year to you too! Yup, the book is a cracker!