Friday, February 18, 2011

The End of Summer is Nigh...

...and I'm not at all happy about it.

If I had my way we would roast gloriously in summer all year around. While I have nothing really to grumble about just yet as we're still playing around in the beautiful mid-to-late twenties, I have noticed a slight edge is creeping in to the mornings. This morning I noticed it was 15 degrees instead of 18 as I came to work. I realise I am being a bit of drama queen about it, but it's just the fact that I know that summer shall soon back her bags and go visit some place else.

However. All is not lost. I have a solution.

I shall start getting up later.


Sp8y said...

So. There will be an increasing number of days (by my calculation) on which you will not be able to get up at all!

I like the outside=cold, inside=warm contrasts that winter brings - especially after a good southerly has frightened away the clouds and rain and it is freezing cold and sunny. Weather that is definite about itself.

Cold, drizzly, grey, can't be bothered weather warrants a getting up later solution.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, I wish I'd thought of that all through our winter.
Don't know where your summer goes, though, we don't get it...

laughykate said...

Sp8y, however there's something to be said for weekend cold, drizzly, grey days 'cause that means guilt free films during the day!

Tinman, I think if I lived through your winters, I would take to hibernating.