Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How to take the pain out of an early wake up.

On Friday I had my sister, the eight and six year old to stay while brother-in-law stayed at home. On this visit the six year old bunked down with me while her sister was in with her mother.

I have to say, there is something quite delightful about waking up with two small arms clutching your neck as though you are the mast of the Titanic and having whispered in your ear. 'Kate, do you know I know how to spell thupercalafragalithisticexpialadoshus? ETH.U.P.E.R.C.A.L.A.F.R.A.G.L.I.ETH.T.I.C.E.X.P.I.A.L.A.D.O.ETH.H.U.ETH'.

It was quite a beautiful way to start the day.


Janie Jones said...

You have a brilliant niece. My six year old has trouble spelling cat. I would be jealous, but personally, I'm tired of being woken up at the crack of dawn, by a spelling savant or otherwise.

laughykate said...

It's okay when it doesn't happen on a daily basis, Janie !