Monday, February 21, 2011

True Grit is just that.

I went and saw True Grit in the weekend. I really enjoyed it, it's a rollicking old watch with a few surprises that made me leap from my seat. 14 year old Hailee Steinfield is amazing.

It's a remake and I really liked what John Wayne said when he won the 1969 Oscar for best actor, 'If I'd known that, I would have put that eye patch on thirty-five years earlier'.

But one thing did strike me as odd in this version, I didn't realise that they had teeth whitening back in the wild west. Well, Matt Damon had found some witch doctor who carried it out and then obviously shot him, because everybody else could have done with a visit to a dentist.


tinman18 said...

Hiya, thinking about you this morning. I know you've moved to Auckland from Christchurch, but Ihope everyone you know is OK.

Love Tin x

laughykate said...

Thank you Tinman.........only one person left to make sure they're okay.

And have a house that is leaking.....through the ceiling...but who really cares...they can make new ceilings........

Holemaster said...

Hope you and yours are OK Kate? Awful news from NZ.

laughykate said...

Thanks Holemaster. My nearest and dearest are all accounted for, but just so incredibly traumatised. I was in tears at work as I didn't know what to do as the gay boys in my house were asking ME what to do about the water balloon forming on the ceiling. (I rang a plumber).

But at least they could ask.