Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Kiwi Makes the Muppets.

Let me count the ways I love The Muppets. And how cool is it that one of our own, Bret McKenzie, is getting to jam with Kermit for the latest movie?

He wrote some songs for the movie and, along the way, discovered there were some strict rules he had to follow. At one point he wrote a lyrical joke for Kermit where he would sing, 'I remember when I was just a little piece of felt'. I smiled when I read that line but it didn't fly with Disney because the Muppets have always existed. (And you have to admit, Kermit's aged well).

When people say who they'd invite to their ideal dinner party - (Shakespeare, the Queen, Brad Pitt, Joan of Arc..) I generally have to think of which member of the Muppets cast I wouldn't want at the table.

Miss Piggy would either be a hoot or a nightmare. My cousin met Miss Piggy once when she was visiting England- she was in ten different boxes lying in her boss's hallway.

But that's Miss Piggy to a T, isn't it? Even in bits, she's still a diva.

1 comment:

Tinman said...

You couldn't really have Animal.

And you couldn't let the Swedish Chef anywhere near your kitchen.

But it would be fun to let Dr Bunsen Honeydew make the cocktails.