Friday, November 25, 2011


This morning, while I was waiting at TVNZ for a meeting, a man with incredibly dark skin came in and sat down, also waiting to be collected from someone on the other side of the revolving doors. I'll replay you the conversation that I had with my multiple selves in my head.

'Wow, that skin of his is really black. I wonder where he comes from.'

'Don't stare.'

'I wonder who has the darkest skin on the planet.'

'Somewhere really, really, really hot.'

'Must Google it.'

'You're a weirdo.'

'But that skin is so's almost green.'

'Don't stare.'

'But really, his skin is so dark he's almost licorice coloured.'

At that point his person was came to pick him up - I learnt from what she said to one of the receptionists that he was going to be a guest on Good Morning. For those of you not in New Zealand - Good Morning is a morning lifestyle magazine show.

Anyhou after my meeting I went back to work and had a look to see who was a guest on Good Morning this morning. And I found my friend.(At this point I'm thinking dancer? Singer?)

I discover his name is Lucky Diamond Rich and I am delighted to inform you that I wasn't wrong. The reason he looks licorice is because he's The World's Most Tattooed Man and he's here for a tattoo convention.

You'll be pleased to hear that he didn't look that scary in the flesh. Black track suits aren't that intimidating. I have to say the metal teeth were a bit of a surprise.

But the thing that struck me is that, although he's spent thousands of hours having art work inked onto his body, he no longer looks tattooed - he just looks coloured in.