Sunday, November 06, 2011

This post will have absolutely no meaning to those of you who don't live in New Zealand.

I've noticed that there are an awful lot of silver Subarus in Auckland with number plates beginning with 'F'.

I pointed this out to a friend yesterday ('You really are crackers, aren't you?') and I'm pleased to say that I went on to enjoy vindication when I was able to point out three silver Subarus to him with number plates starting with 'F'.

Crackers I may be, but I am also correct.


After I posted this blog I texted my brother, Sunshine, because it suddenly occurred to me that they have recently purchased a silver Subaru.

'Random question: what does the Subaru's number plate start with?'

'FTK. Why?'

Boo-yeah! And another to prove my theory!


Stephanie said...

Not crackers, just observant. Perhaps Suburu NZ ha a great sale at that time, or, or, or, [can't think of an or]! Here in Oz I've noticed all the cars in the yards along the Nepean are all WHITE! No matter the brand/marque, all white.

laughykate said...

Maybe when they grow up they want to be wedding cars.....!

Jo said...

White ones are cheaper!

laughykate said...

Really, Jo? (Cause I am so believing you - but then, I am very naive!)

Janie Jones said...

How bizarrely brilliant. And, how priceless that you had 3 perfectly timed examples.

The Australian Office said...

As someone who has spoken to car insurance companies this week, I can confirm that white (or pale coloured) cars are also cheaper to insure. Apparently they get into fewer accidents because you can see them coming at night.

laughykate said...

I was very chuffed with my spotting, Janie!

And TAO - really? I have learnt something new today! Have always fancied having a black car.