Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People are so glorious.

I was driving down the road today with SomeonefromWork and I saw an outstanding hat.

Not outstanding in that I wanted it to headhunt it to be a signed up member of my wardrobe, but outstanding in the fact that it was just outstanding. It was in the league of 'Posh Spice's wedding called, they want their hat back.'

'Oooh now that's a hat!' I squealed.

Then I looked a little closer.

'And that's an incredibly short dress.'

And I looked even closer.

'And that's a man.'

'Yeah', said SomeonefromWork, 'it's all in the walk.'

Let me count the ways I love it when assumptions are tossed out the window.


Jayne Martin said...

Oh, my... A skirt? And it wasn't a kilt? Not a good look.

laughykate said...

No, definitely a full blown dress. If you can call a piece of material that just covers your arse a dress.

Jo said...


XChequer said...

Sure it wasn't a sarong?

I love a good sarong. So......ummm.........airy. And freeing.


laughykate said...

Exactly Jo! That's what it was!

No XChequer, far too tight fitting to be a sarong. More tight, shortshortshort, bridesmaid's dress.

Janie Jones said...

I don't mean to be insulting, but the main thing running through my head as I read this post was:

"She sure does post often about people oddly dressed. I wonder if it's a New Zealand thing or if people in the Great White North have that many fewer oportunities to see what people wear underneath their down filled wool parkas, flannel lined Carhart overalls and sheep skin caps. Generally though, it's pretty easy to tell the men from the women, pink cammo or Woodland."

laughykate said...

I do, don't I ? I think possibly you're right, and maybe it's just that I notice it. I do love a dose of the abnormal.