Monday, February 08, 2010

She's a hell of a way to get out of jury duty.

I must admit I did smile when I read this story about a judge discharging a member of the jury after she had a wee kip mid-trial.

I know in reality it's possibly not that funny and all that, but it is the way my brain processes it.

And it reminded me of a story that happened to a friend. She was a lawyer in Sydney at the time and was defending the criminal at a trial, during which he was being kept out of harm's way behind perspex.

It was the afternoon and when she looked over to her client she was horrified to see that he was starting to get the giggles.

Then he started to get them more.

And more.

Until his giggling fit becoming so intense that he disappeared beneath the perspex, so he didn't get into more trouble.

My mate was at a complete loss as to what was going on with her client.

She looked around the courtroom - and then saw what it was that her client found so amusing.

The prosecuting lawyer had gently dozed off.

Her co-worker stood up and said to the Judge, 'I think one too many chardonnays at lunch Your Honour.'

Oh, let me count the ways that story fills me with joy.


Jayne Martin said...

Priceless... LOL

laughykate said...

It is quite a good yarn, isn't it?

Fat Sparrow said...

Can't blame that juror one bit. Speaking as someone who's had to go to jury duty several times, it's boring as all get out. Nothing like you see on TV, no yelling, no charts, no PowerPoint presentations, no flinging of DNA. Yawnsville. Worse than math class, truly.

And they expect you to be there at like, 7 AM in the morning! I ask you, what kind of civilized person would do that?! We had to be there before the criminal, er, I mean the accused was. Bring back vigilante mobs and public exectutions, I say. Well, maybe not, rather messy and all, but no one fell asleep during those, I'll bet.