Monday, February 15, 2010

There's a reason I've been blogging a little erractically of late, in fact there's a few.

Yup, the last four weeks have been a touch busy.

They've included:

Embracing so much new technology that my poor simple head has wanted to explode.

Working on a job that has literally hoovered up every waking hour of my life, as well as a few sleeping ones.

Then starting another new job.

Spreading jam on my toast with a wooden spoon.

Renting my house.

Moving cities.

So if someone could pass me a cup of tea and a lie down, I'd really appreciate it.


Sp8y said...

We are good at cups of tea and lie-downs. My assistants include an obsessive compulsive grey furball (with a penchant for assisting lie-downs by using your head as a pillow), a cleanfreak brown furball (who will talk you through your lie-down and, quite possibly, clean you), two young ladies with practical joking tendances, and a husband who is entirely evil. We have moved on in the technology stakes and can offer the use of metallic instruments known as knives for the spreading of toast. Name a date?

laughykate said...

Ohhhh, when I wake up I will hurl some in your direction for consideration!

Jo said...

Ugh, moving too? Poor you!

It took a long time, did it, the jam spreading? Or were you eating it out of the pot like Winne the Pooh? :)

Jayne Martin said...

If I had that much on my plate there would be smoke coming out of my ears from the fried circuitry. No one can say you don't lead a full life, my friend.

laughykate said...

It did take a while. It had something to do with packing so efficiently that I managed to pack up my kitchen, forgetting that I had another night in the place!

Jayne, I think there has been large amounts of smoke coming out my ears!

Fat Sparrow said...

:::passes tea and sympathy, lies down next to LaughyKate:::

That's all right, I can barely keep up with your supposed lack of blogging. Trying to suss out how to get 2 adults and 1 Special Needs child to move to Northern Ireland as cheaply as possible while stressing about my disability benefits being cut has done my head in. Can I just rest here a while? :::whimpers:::

laughykate said...

Ohhhhh Fat Sparrow!

*Heads off to make more tea*

Anonymous said...


(You should change the title of this post to "there's a reason I've been spelling erratically a little erratically of late...")

Sorry, that was mean, I can tell you're tired.

Countess said...

All that would do my head in too.....but the shifting to a new, thats a major! Good on you laughy kate! Hope its all going well for you.

laughykate said...

Hee, Tinman, brain not wroking very well.

Thank you Countess, it has been big, but good!

Medbh said...

Leave your stuff in boxes until you catch up on sleep. There's no real reason to have everything unpacked and set up right away.
Good luck, LK.

laughykate said...

Thanks Medbh. I didn't mention that there was only one more move to go (from furnished accommodation to my new place).

*Tries not to be exhausted, contemplating it*