Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Summer, a sprinkler, a small person and her shadow.

I love this shot. It's my five year old niece jumping over the sprinkler. I mean, thprinkler.

I think it could be just titled Summer in New Zealand.


tinman18 said...

It's lovely.

Nice garden, BTW. Just how much of New Zealand does your family own?

Fat Sparrow said...


Jo said...

Aw it so could. Especially the beautiful perspective that leads your eye out of the garden throught he trees and up into the hills and sky - so nice!

Sigh - would so love to visit!

laughykate said...

Tinmnan, only a teeny weeny bit. We're not very greedy.

Fat Sparrow, isn't it? It's even more beautiful knowing that that leap would have ended with a burst of giggling delight.

Jo, hurry up! Come !

Jo said...

I want to! But far! And expensive!

laughykate said...

Far, yes. It's a pig of a journey.However, cheap once you get here. So cheap. Very cheap. Come!