Monday, April 05, 2010

A conversation

'What's Soandso actually like?' Ask I.





'Sensationally, titanically, overwhelmingly boring.'


'In fact, she is so dull she could bore a not-very-highly-evolved species into extinction.'

Mental note to self: do not get trapped at a party with this person.


Fat Sparrow said...

You know that those supposedly boring people are always the kinkiest/spookiest/strangest/best-back-story people, right? Probably a trained CIA killer, don't ya know. Wait, Sarah Palin just came to mind there, I am obviously totally wrong. Never mind. Stay far, far away. Either way, just in case.

Holemaster said...

You know her too?

laughykate said...

Hmmmmm, I'm hearing you. A friend of mine always reckons you've got to watch the quiet ones.

Holemaster, not terribly well - and I'm thinking I don't need to get to know her better. You agree?

Esther - ex Surfergirl said...

OMG - is this me?? I've been absent in baby land...

laughykate said...

Don't worry Esther, I know you too well to ask what you're actually like!