Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to feel like an underachiever in one easy sentence.

I went to Wellington yesterday for a party which is the reason I'm really looking forward to an early bed tonight.

You'll be pleased to hear it was filled with spectacular amounts of silliness, helium balloons and air guitar. But that is not what this post is about.

Before the party my cousin and I went to the supermarket to buy another case of wine just in case the 142 boxes they'd already purchased weren't quite enough. (I had to get take four boxes of Heineken and a box of champagne out of the shower before I got into it, this morning).
It was at the supermarket we bumped into someone I used to work with.

The conversation went something like this:

'So you up from Christchurch?'

'No, down from Auckland.'

'You up there? What are you doing?'

So I caught him up with what I am currently doing and who I'm working for.

'Oh me old mate, Insertnameofboss. I was having a glass of wine with him last week in Cannes.'

'What were you doing at MIP?' (World's biggest television conference.)

'Collecting an Emmy.'


You can't really top those three words, can you ?

It's almost the same as if you were a swimmer and you bump into a fellow swimmer you used to train with. You ask what they've been doing in the interim and they tell you that, while you weren't watching , they'd won gold at the Olympics.

Mental note to self:must become more ambitious.


Fat Sparrow said...

Ah, those Emmys are common as muck, you wouldn't want one if you had one. Just clutter up the place, you know?

Besides, does he have a funny blog? I think not.

tinman18 said...

Ok, I've been two days trying to think of a good comeback to him and can't think of much.

Did you tell him you're a successful blogger with a fanbase all over the world?


Tim said...

I'd be more ambitious, but it would really cut into my sittin' around time. (That's a Maria Bamford joke I also use to explain why I don't exercise.)

You can still top him by winning two Emmys.

laughykate said...

Of course! More to dust! That's why I haven't tried for one. Obviously. ...

laughykate said...

Tinman, you're beautiful !

Hiya Tim, you're right - sitting around time is very important. You're making me feel better.

SaS said...

He didn't say who he was collecting it for. Does your ex-friend now work for UPS?

laughykate said...

Now you're talking, he's turned into one hell of a courier driver !

Holemaster said...

I gave up being ambitious years ago. It's great. I'm never disappointed.