Saturday, April 10, 2010

In hindsight

This ad hoovered up nearly a month of my life in January.

I really want that month back now.


injaynesworld said...

Kate, that was awesome. It was exciting and beautifully shot. You should be very proud of it. It was not a month "hoovered" to hell at all you silly lady.


Fat Sparrow said...

Can I just have a month of my life be like the one in the ad?

Jo said...

Do you mean you made it? Or did you just watch it obsessively for a month?

What is it that you DO, exactly, Kate? I never seem to quite get what people do.

laughykate said...

That's very kind of you Jayne, however I cannot take any credit for the way it actually looked. On that job I was part of the team organising the circus while they were in New Zealand. And my logistical and organisational skills aren't that great, so it was a challenge!

Oh yeah Fat Sparrow. Wouldn't it be great to do? (But without all the luggage the crew had to lug around the world).

Jo, I make telly. Generally I direct, currently I'm doing a stint producing. I was a last minute ring-in on the Last Minute job.