Monday, March 16, 2009

And lashings of ginger beer.

Somebody pointed out yesterday in the office that the Millenium happened nearly ten years ago.


Where did that go? Have I spent half of it in a drug induced coma and everyone I know has neglected to tell me?

But what I can't quite understand is, as the first ten years of this century come screaming to an end, that nobody has come up with a better name for this decade than the 'Noughties.'

The Noughties.


It conjures up images of Uncle Quentin, Aunt Fanny and George's dog Timmy.

Giddy up.

To: People Who Name Decades.
Re: The Noughties

Could have tried harder.


XChequer said...

Am very much with you on the whole "Where da F##K di the time go.

I am now absolutely convinced that God, Gaia, Allah........whomever you chose to blame, actually speeds up time for us while slowing it down for children (great party trick if you can do it well!).

You remember when summers used to last for ages and the old countdown of "5 days til Christmas" actually felt like 5 years!

Now it's 5 minutes until Christmas arrives and I haven't done the shopping and I don't have time for....etcetera, etcetera....

God (or Allah) it sucks getting older!


XChequer said...

Whoops...slightly off topic.

As for the Noughties, yeah thanks for NOT putting too much thought into the moniker, guys, gals...... whomever should be blamed (the "In Crowd" is my prime suspect at the mo).

But then does anyone have anything better? I came up with the Apathetic Double O's but then I couldn't be arsed thinking of something better!

Holemaster said...

I named them the Noughties back in 1998, sorry. But I was going to call the next decade the Teenies.What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the teenties are coming up, and that's not a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

Then I had to Google them, because I don't remember her name being Aunt Fanny.

But it was...

laughykate said...

XChequer, remember when summers were really lllllloooooooooonnnnngggggggggggggggggggg
and really hot ? Christmas holidays seemed about six months long?

So we can look forward to the Teenies followed by the Teenties? Seeya, I'm heading back to the Twenties. Now, if only I could locate my time machine.