Sunday, March 01, 2009

I went into the bush and I survived.

Okay, the shark swimming was fine - especially as I made it into a bit of a good story (I didn't have to get in with them, I was the one going, 'Could you do that once more but with feeling, please').

However I was just a little bit twitchy when all that was between me and the Izzie the (big, angry) crocodile were two people and a ledge that was about a metre out of the water with a metre high fence around it. However she mightn't have been hungry after she'd cleaned up the entree and main who went before me.

I'd have to say that Izzie could have done with a jolly good dentist, her teeth were so bucked she could have eaten a carrot through a tennis racket.
This is a shot of Cousin Delores on holiday in Palm Cove, Australia. (Bad teeth runs in Lizzie's family).

After my time away I have to say my absolute favourite new best friends are these guys.

They're morepork (New Zealand owl), I met them this morning and I was captivated.

I am not sure why I found them so cool, possibly it's the if-you-think-we're-looking-at-you-like-you're-a-weirdo-then-it's-because-we-think-you're-a-weirdo look they have about them. They also seem to have an unflappable charm.

Imagine how cool a couple of (house trained) owls would be? Just sitting in your wardrobe. Watching. Vaguely disapproving of every clothing choice you made.

It would be almost as cool as having a pet giraffe.

Or a zonkey.


Holemaster said...

My sister had our parents two ashes urns in her wardrobe for a while. They were very disapproving of most things in her room.

laughykate said...

That is brave!

I was wondering where I would put my parents' ashes. (Pop and Fruity: if you are reading this - don't get any ideas). And I think it would have to be near the dining room table. Leaving them on the table would be a little risky, knowing my team - someone would be bound to mistake them for the pepper.

whoopsadaisy said...

I love the owls, how cute! They look really small, are they or is that just the pic? (or my dodgy eyes :D)

laughykate said...

They were so cute. And they were about the size of my hand stretched out ( think small hand).

jothemama said...

cool little post!

I thought Morepork was just a city in Terry Pratchett!

laughykate said...

Thanks Jo! I just love the way their heads go on the side.