Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Giraffes in high heels

Sometimes Madame Fashion has an evil, crazy-arse sense of humour.

These were in Nina Ricci's latest show in Paris.

They added an extra eleven centimetres to the models' height (and, I'm picking, six weeks sick leave to recover from the ankle reconstructions).


Daily Daydreamer said...

Eww..there's nothing even remotely attractive about those 'shoes'..

laughykate said...

I don't get them, either.

Anonymous said...

They're the weirdest (and ugliest) shoes I've ever seen - it's like having a parrot's head on your foot.

Do people ever laugh out loud at these fashion shows, or do they just sit there afraid they won't look sophisticated if they do?

whoopsadaisy said...

They look the heels stop mid-air?? Ugly, ugly things!!

Janie Jones said...

Good grief!! I am amazed you don't need some sort of leathal weapon permit to wear those shoes.

Is is my imagination or is the actual spiked heel part _shorter_ than the platform wedge under the toe part of the shoe?

I can only say it again, GOOD GRIEF!

laughykate said...

I have a theory that some designers just think, 'Let's just see how stupid people will be.I will design the most outstandingly ridiculous thing I can imagine, and then see which fools embrace it.'

And yes, there do appear to be some aerodynamic challenges associated with the heels.