Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new study has revealed that if you don't eat, eventually you will die.

A new international study has revealed that women who think getting themselves thoroughly banjaxed makes them more attractive to blokes - are kidding themselves.

Ya reckon?

How could that possibly be?

Is it me, or has someone just thrown buckets of cash at a study to prove the bleedin' obvious?


Holemaster said...

Ahh ha ha ha ha. I love photos like that. I was once at a party on a flat rooftop area. I was talking to a guy who stepped back onto a skylight and just vanished into the toilet below, landing right beside a bloke dropping one off. He looked up to see about ten heads all gazing down at him while the other bloke beside him was in fits of laughter.

Stupidly, we put a ladder over the hole. Ten minutes later, the SAME guy went through the hole again.

laughykate said...


XChequer said...

Personally, I want to see the methodology of the study. Something just rings........well........not quite right.

The photo on the other hand is pure gold. My question is what is on the floor that is so tasty she is down there in the first place, staying there in the second and , thirdly, can I have some please?


laughykate said...

...or possibly she feels like she's falling off the world...and

Holemaster said...

Like in Gregory's Girl?