Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another hard hitting question.

Being sick this last week meant that my appetite pretty much went either on vacation or into hiding. I prefer to think of it going on vacation, so at least one of us was having a good time. I knew I was getting better when, on Sunday I craved tom yum. I got myself a pottle of and it was fantastic, I so enjoyed my sinuses being annihilated with its hot and sour goodness.

But my question is this, all lurgis aside, how come I can tuck into a filthy hot spicy curry, or a tom yum of an evening, but there's no way on earth I could face one first thing in the morning?

Are my taste buds as lazy as me?



Everyone in my house is pretty sick!! In addition to that, I've got really sore gums and womanly woes (the monthly kind) so it's a torture!

tinman18 said...

Taste buds are as fragile in the moring as we are. They have to be woken up gently.

Grapefruit juice, for example, is the taste bud equivalent of being woken by a bucket of water in the face.

laughykate said...

Being sick is horrible I hope you feel better soon.

Tinman, oh you are so right. In the mornings I think the only thing grapefruit should be used for are throwing at the neighbour's cat who is using your garden as a toilet or as a cleaning agent.

Holemaster said...

Us Paddies like porridge in the morning, well this one does anyway.

OK some questions, what are

Tom Yum?

laughykate said...

Lurgis = as in 'the dreaded'. I do believe the term comes from the Goon Show. Tis another term for the evil flu.

Tom yum = as tom yum soup.A Thai soup flavored with lemon grass, tamarind, lime, galangal and chilis. Loads of Thai takeaways here - is Thai big in Ireland?

Pottle = is the plastic pottle your tom yum comes in when you get take out. http://www.epiplastics.co.nz/plastic%20containers.htm
What would you call them?